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Kristina Kim

I am Kristina Kim, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and the professional who is ready to serve you differently. 

I started my successful career in the Czech Republic, working as a News Reporter in Český rozhlas. I had a weekly column in national newspapers, and I am still publishing in both web and print (Harpers Bazaar CZ) magazines in Europe. 

Before I've become a successful journalist and a writer, I was a single mom, with no money, no savings, and no future.  

I worked hard to get to the place I am right now. I have experienced failure, I have lost many battles, but I am here today, stronger, smarter and very confident in my skills and knowledge. 
 I will work with you every step of the way, to help you build, expand or reshape your brand. 

I had to work hard yet again when I came to Canada. I left my successful career and the comfort of my country, to move to North America for the man I love.

It took me a year to build my own company, and finally, in March 2019 the partnership between KK Digital Marketing Agency and Inumin Media have begun. 

KK Digital Marketing Agency became a proud partner in crime and digital marketing to INUMIN MEDIA, and together we create content, produce videos, manage social media accounts, build brands and take care of client's PR. 

Thank you for considering us 

We are ready to serve you differently


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